Welcome to the Ballarat Philatelic Society.

Established in 1904 we encourage philately in all of its forms, everyone is welcome to come and join. 

Over time the Society has endeavored to encourage students to become collectors with members conducting lunchtime collector sessions at several primary schools



Ballarat Philatelic Society 2024 Syllabus

Ballarat Philatelic Society 2024 Sylabus

Our intention is to adhere to the program however please check the coming events tab as times and venues may vary throughout the year.


Ballarat Philatelic Society

Stamp and Coin Fair


Sunday October 13th

Details to come




Celebrating Ballarat Philatelic Society's 120th Anniversay

Saturday May 11th

Historic Items on display and Collection Frames for viewing

Excellent Cover designed by club Life Member Keith Sanders with

Canceller designed by Club Member Sara Waugh available for purchase.

Invitations Coming



Collection Appraisals

We are currently receiving a lot of requests from holders of collections, either their own or inherited material.

In order to assist those who wish to find out more about what you hold we are inviting you to bring your material to our Stamp Fair on Monday March 13th . A member(s) will discuss your collection with you and provide you with general advice.  Please note our members will not provide a valuation, however they will guide you to where you can get a valuation or sell if that is your wish.


January/February 2024 Newsletter

Download - Ballarat Stamp Club Newsletter 2024 1


 Guest Speaker - Ian Saddler

At our March meeting we were priviliged to have Ian Saddler as our guest speaker.  Ian been a member of the Brighton Philatelic Society for 18 years of which he is a life member, committee person and past president (3 times) . He is also a  member of the Royal and the Australian Philatelic Society and has exhibited displays locally and internationally.  Ian gave a very informative presentation on the philatelic material related to the Japanese occupation during World War Two.  He spoke to number of "open" display sheets and passed these around and displayed many more for members to peruse.  Ian also gave a short presentation on one of his pet areas, the Indian Princely States.  Members were in awe of the material Ian presented and were keen to discuss the material with Ian following his chat.  Below are photos of Ian with some of the members in attandance and with club vice president, Cliff Matthews.

March 2024 Guest Speaker  March 2024 Guest Speaker



Our Club

Our Club - Ballarat Stamp Club

The Ballarat Philatelic Society was established in 1904 and has catered for the philatelic interests of many in Ballarat and District for almost 120 years.


The Ballarat Philatelic Society meets regularly on a monthly basis and conducts a March and October Stamp Fairs. Interested members of the public are always welcome.


Newsletters - Ballarat Stamp Club

The Ballarat Philatelic Society produces newsletters every two months, back copies are accessed through the Newsletter tab.

Useful Links

Useful Links - Ballarat Stamp Club

Links and contact details are provided here for other Stamp Clubs and philatelic organisations. Please support their activities.


Sponsors - Ballarat Stamp Club

Sponsorship opportunities are available and provide exposure at reasonable rates.


Membership - Ballarat Stamp Club

Membership is open to anyone interested in philately and stamp collecting. Please come along to some of our meetings, meet fellow collectors and see if Ballarat Philatelic Society is for you.


Meetings - Ballarat Stamp Club

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. Members arrive about 7pm for a social interaction and the meeting proper starts 7.30pm.


History - Ballarat Stamp Club

The Ballarat Philatelic Society has a proud history from its first recorded meeting in April 1904 to the current day.


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